How to Learn Origami?

Origami is an art which involves the folding of paper, and it is often associated with the people of Japanese culture. But today, in the modern times, regardless of your culture and origin, the word 'origami' is used as an all-around term or an inclusive term to refer to all the practices of paper folding.  Click Here  to read more about origami.

To learn origami is not that difficult of a job as it just involves folding of papers into different things of different shapes and sizes. As a beginner here is some few tips of easy to make origami projects. The first one is the traditional origami crane. To make the origami crane, of course, you need paper. This is perhaps the most popular of examples of folding paper projects. The project uses the base of a bird, that is, a base which is square and two folds of the petal. Traditionally, when you folded a thousand of these origami cranes, it is believed that you were granted the right to make one wish that is special to you. Get ready to learn about  origami box

The next project is that of an origami tulip flower and its stem. As it is with all origami projects, you will need a sheet of paper. To be more specific, in this case, you will need two square sheets of paper to produce this project. As this pretty origami flower will have a stem of its own, you can make a few of these and put them in a vase and place it in your home as beautiful decoration. You can place it anywhere, be it in the living room, your bedroom, the kitchen and anywhere else you can think of. The best part about having this tulip flower is that you do not need to water it at all because of fear that it may die and wither because it is only a paper project.

The next project that you can try and fold as a beginner is an origami envelope wallet. It could come in handy and be very useful to you. This particular project is straightforward and very quick to make. And it has a few uses as well. For example, you can keep your cash inside, after all, it is a wallet, and you can keep your receipts and other documents that may be of importance to you in there to avoid them from getting lost, or you can even decide to make it as a gift to your friend or your relative, and to make it feel special you could choose a paper that is in the person's favourite colour. Learn more about origami